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Renew yourself

As your kids are heading back to school and all the hectic preparation has been completed, schedules are filled, activities are planned, play-dates arranged, homework clubs are formed and mealtime planning is a chore, have you made time for YOU?!

Scheduling time for yourself may sound selfish, but it can often be the best thing for everyone! If you're allowed an hour or two to yourself each day, you will be better able to handle everyone else's time and schedule.

Consider the benefits a weekly, bi-monthly or even monthly massage. If you are more relaxed and feel that you've done something nice for yourself, you will be more prepared for the challenges of managing everyone else!

Take time for yourself to read a book, catch up on the latest season of "that show you've been meaning to watch" that "everyone is talking about", take a walk, meet an old friend for lunch or some window shopping or a game of bowling, a round of golf/driving range...the point is, just when scheduling the week, schedule in some "Me Time"

You can schedule a massage or request some more information by clicking here and I hope to hear about your other Me Time activities!

Be well!

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